Saturday, August 29, 2009

Airlines Airlines

While googling alternate forms of transportation I came across this article on a site I don't normally visit. I really think they need to change the name of the site- because despite the name- they offer some very informative and funny (and sometimes shocking) statistics and stories. This little article was one of them:

7 True Stories That Prove The Airlines Hate You

I have studied politics and business in depth through my lifetime and thought I had heard about everything that could happen - but these stories hit the peaks of incompetence,  ineptitude, absurdity, imbecility and stupidity. I noticed that all of these events occurred since 2001.
After reading these stories I couldn't be happier that we didn't give these utterly asinine dolts our travel funds. After all- who wants to encourage people that are obviously headed the wrong way down Darwins path?

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